Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quilting with Digitized Embroidery

Detail from the megahoop design in my "Quilting Whimsy" collection
If you own a home sewing machine that has the capability to do hoop embroidery you also have the capability to do hoop quilting!  There are digitized quilting designs available from various quilt artists, and I've seen many quilts using these designs now, beautifully quilted. 
All three layers are positioned in the hoop for the quilting, although I do know one quilter who quilted the designs through the top and a thin batt first, then layered the backing and did simple outlines around the design and any background quilting through ALL the layers.  It was easier to do the digitized quilting in the hoop in her home machine with a thin batt and only the top.
It's easier to do small projects, and larger quilts are better suited if the machine is mounted on a frame system.  Smaller quilts are very do-able in your normal set-up, and can give you beautiful ornate quilting that might be hard for you to do with regular free motion quilting.  The stitches are even, the traveling is undetectable, designs can be sized, rotated, combined to create your own look.  Backgrounds, like the grid below, are done free motion or with a walking foot by you.
Designs from "Quilting Fancy" combined to create this medallion
When I've seen quilts done with my designs that have been digitized I always have to catch my breath, they are lovely.  These designs really can add to your quilt's beauty, even if you use only one as a focal point.
I have two collections of designs available at www.embroideryonline.com under the licensed artists' collections.  "Quilting Whimsy" is on sale now, and they have brought back my original collection "Quilting Fancy."
Combined designs from "Quilting Fancy"
These designs were meant for quilting, but look amazing done as "redwork" line design embroidery as well in colored, heavier thread.
Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving, and can sneak in some time for yourself and your quilting....or play with digitized quilting..... during this busy time of year.
Keep quilting!  Your work gets better every day,


Diane said...

My 830 came preloaded with a small folder of your designs :). I haven't yet had the time to play much with the embroidered quilting (darn full time job!), but have a couple of small projects in mind, runners mostly, to check it out.

Though there is a little part of me that is a bit peevish at the fact that I spent quite a while perfecting my free motion quilting skills (including taking several of your classes) for a look I can now get with a touch of a button!

But as you say, there are myriad opportunities to alter the design, figure out fill options and otherwise find even more creative possibilities with the tech that's now available. Developing new skills, using new techniques and tech...all part of growing as an artist.

Diane Gaudynski said...

Diane, yes the Bernina 830 does come with a folder of my designs pre-loaded for you to use. I believe you can adjust these too, and play with them to create new combinations, sizes, etc.

When I first saw digitized quilting I agree it was a bit disheartening to think of how hard we as Free Motion machine quilters had to work to achieve this, but for some it is definitely the answer, and for those of us who are skilled at FMQ it is a fun design option.

Runners or pillows would be the perfect experiment size.

I haven't tried it yet, keep meaning to break out that embroidery module and software for my Bernina 730 and give it a whirl.

The blue quilt photos, above, are done with the digitized designs and the embroidery module; my first photo was my digitized design I traced and gasp, did it with my usual free motion technique.

There are complete directions for a quilt using my Quilting Whimsy designs available online - I shall search it out and post it soon. Stay tuned....

Ulla's Quilt World said...

So lovely! :)
Greetings from Finland!
Ulla's Quilt World
Hugs, Ulla

Rechal Christine said...

The designs are really nice !! It is a bit difficult to such designs using embroidery digitizing. But you did a great job. Really liked it.