Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank you GLHQ! On to Asilomar....

I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Detroit, MI area where I taught classes and gave a lecture to the Great Lakes Heritage Quilters.  The weather was summery, food amazing, scenery lovely.  Special thanks to Diane and Joyce for taking such great care of me, and Linda for chauffeuring me in a pinch, and for sharing their time so generously. 

We had fun, we talked, laughed, quilted.  Everyone worked so hard in class, and the results were terrific.  Keep on quilting, work on those tops or make tops to quilt and perfect your free motion skills.  Remember to take breaks too.

Loved seeing all the cousins, uncles, aunts and other relations to my amazing Buick on the roads there too.

I returned to Wisconsin to find spring has finally arrived, the trees are blooming and the warm days are here.  I had a few hours rest and relaxation, some time to assure Oliver it really was me back again, but he knows I am not even stowing the luggage in the hidden room.  I must be going somewhere again, and he is right.

Next week is my last session at Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar in California.  I am busy shipping things and hoping they get there in time.  My silk thread cones arrived on Monday and I shipped off a box of them for class, but I am also bringing some with me in case these don't arrive in time.  When I dumped them all out on the kitchen table they were so pretty, like jewels in all the colors and shine.  Yum.

Those of you in class next week should keep in mind:
  •  Prepare the project to quilt in class ahead of time.  You may layer it, and even stitch in the ditches first, with fine weight thread of your choice.  If you decide on marking something in the squares or border, that can be done in class after we get started and discuss options.  I will have some stencils for you in class.
  • Be sure and have good markers - you need to see the marks.
  • The on-site shop will have wonderful wool batt, Pellon Legacy, in case you'd like to try it. 
  • Sew EZ tables are a great thing to have if you are driving.  There is plenty of room in our classroom.
  • The chairs could use a small cushion if you are short. 
  • Please do not wear strong perfumes, essential oils, or insect repellent to class as many of us are allergic to them....thanks from me, and all of us.
I look forward to spending this time with all of you.  I hope the class will have something for everyone so your quilting will improve and you will leave with new excitement about this amazing art.  Please email me if you have specific questions.

Back to packing, but do keep quilting!  Your work gets better every day.