Wednesday, May 23, 2012


After cleaning my sewing room last month I discovered many pincushions here and there, all hidden away since the arrival of Oliver on the scene, with his penchant for eating pins, threads, sticky tape (don't ask.....).  I keep two in the drawer of my sewing machine cabinet and am careful to keep those drawers firmly closed, and I tried displaying the other ones with no pins in them, but alas they became fabulous cat toys.

Beads were especially attractive and could be eaten.  The antique metal rabbit clunked to the floor but survived, so these had to be put away for now.  I love looking at them and miss seeing them, but when Oliver matures and can appreciate Mom's things, they will be brought out and enjoyed again.  Oh there are many more, this little group is just the tip of the collection.  I still have my old tomato from years gone by when I did garment sewing.

Many of these were gifts, including the new black one with the delicious pearl/bead trim at the top, from the recent Lake Geneva WQI retreat.  I attended Show and Tell there last Saturday night and had a wonderful time, saw some amazing quilts, and laughed a lot too.  Check out this event for next year if you want to get away for a quiet, peaceful weekend of sewing/quilting, delicious food, friendly people, and a beautiful location.

Oliver immediately was black-eyed excited over the new pincushion, realized it was from an exciting foreign (not our house) locale, and full of mystery and possibilities.  I had to put it away immediately. 

It is Memorial Day weekend coming up, and I hope to do some quilting, even if it is only "playing at my machine."  I am busy setting up some classes for October, and will post those as soon as they are finalized. 

My grandma used to call this holiday "Decoration Day" and the graves of not only fallen soldiers but family members too were decorated with wreaths, freshly planted flowers, flags.  Take a moment to remember on this special day those who have given their lives for their country, and those we no longer have with us but miss so much.

And try some quilting!  Warm weather is a great time to quilt,