Thursday, December 10, 2009


The weather people were finally right; we did get hit by a huge storm here in Wisconsin, tons of snow, bitter cold today, and drifts everywhere. I am staying in. My sewing room is cozy and bright and I can work on some samples for next year's classes while I ponder fabrics lying here and there, needing to go in some wonderful project. I ponder too much, quilt not nearly enough lately.

Most of my holiday shopping is done, and one of the things I chose for a gift for a quilter is the book, below, by Robert Shaw, American Quilts, The Democratic Art, 1780 - 2007.

This is my favorite type of "quilt" book - filled with gorgeous photos, detailed description and commentary, it takes you from the early beginnings of quilting in this country all the way up through 2007, encompassing all styles, trends, major breakthrough quilts over those years.
I like to keep it next to my chair so when I sit down for a break I can pick it up and read a bit here and there. I am always instantly engrossed, and always learn something new. Even if you only turn the pages and take in the glory of these quilts it is worth having.
It was an honor to have the author, Robert Shaw, include one of my quilts in this book, "Through a Glass Darkly: An American Memory." Below is the book opened to "my" page. When I wrote on this blog about traditional quilts and their place in history and in modern quilting as well I hadn't seen this book yet. Now it is there, one of my quilts, with modern art quilts, with traditional very old quilts, all in a continuum from early days to the art movement in recent times. It fits in so well, and I am so pleased to have been included in this spectacular book.

Hope your December is going well; keep quilting, your work gets better every day!


antique quilter said...

this is probably my favorite book this year.
I should have told you that your quilt was in there.
well deserved if I say so myself.

Natalie Carlton said...

That snow looks sooo pretty!! I havnt seen snow since 1994 ... I have the AC on right now. I'm in South Florida... Thanks for sharing the picture. Happily Quilting
Natalie Carlton

YankeeQuilter said...

That book is on my wish list...wonderful that your quilt is part of it! Snow look beautiful but I'm with is great weather for sewing!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Well the snow is beautiful, the sky is brilliant blue, and the sun is streaming in, but oh the wind is like ice in the air, wickedly cold out there. Arnie and I are listening to music and quilting.

I was so honored to have a quilt in this book. To see it in a book with other quilts I have admired for years is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your quilt being featured in the book!

Stay warm! :)