Thursday, April 29, 2010

Empty Spools Class Registration

Classes at Empty Spools Seminars, at sunset, above, are going to open soon for registration,  I believe around May 10.   I will be teaching two 5-day classes there, near Pacific Grove/Monterey, California at a state park called Asilomar.

From Wisconsin I fly to Phoenix, run like crazy to catch the connecting flight, and then on directly to Monterey in Northern California, a simply beautiful part of this country.  A short cab ride and I am at my location.

Both classes are the same content, with the focus on learning to improve your free motion machine quilting skills (home sewing machine) and learn some freehand motifs on a simple pieced project.  Stencils and following planned, marked lines are also an option, so both marked and unmarked quilting will be covered.  My goal is to have you improve and go up a level in your quilting skills.

My first class is March 25-30, and the second one is May 27 - June 1, 2011.

Because I am not traveling as much as in the past, and these are the only 5-day classes I teach, they do fill fairly quickly, as do many at this event. 

The location, the relaxed atmosphere, sharing of meals with others as well as those in your class and teachers, the beautiful architecture, no tv, fresh air, wildlife, and the Pacific ocean all contribute to the experience and make it very special.  It truly is a Refuge by the Sea.

If you have questions about my class and if it would work for you, please email me:

And I'll see this year's last session at the end of June.  Meanwhile, keep quilting!  Your work gets better every day.


Joan said...

Its times like these I wish I lived closer ♥

Marilyn said...

An unbiased endorsement: I was a first-timer at Asilomar this year in Diane's class. The arrangements for the Empty Spools seminars are superb, and Diane's class was the highlight of my quilting career so far. In gratitude, I offered her all my riches and my first-born; lucky for my daughter, Diane gracefully declined the offer.

Diane Gaudynski said...

Marilyn, I'm still considering your first born! Just kidding but thanks for the endorsement, I so agree about Empty Spools, it's a fabulous venue.

You will learn so much from the entire experience, not only what is offered in class. It can change your quilting life. I know that working with quilters there has helped me to improve my own work.