Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Happy Birthday to Oliver!  He is one year old today, and weighs a dense and muscular 12#!  His official announcement photo, above, done by photo shop expert Sandi Leichner.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives. 

As our 7th cat, he is the only one whose birthday is known.  We guessed at the others, but it's nice to be able to imagine a litter of little Olivers coming into the world a year ago today.

All the comments and discussion on quilts in shows, quilts in general at this time, that you contributed were terrific.  More thoughts on this in the future, and on design and quilting in general.  We need to work on technique, always, but on design too.

I also quilted a bit with the Jersey needle with some various metallic threads.  Now, with that said, metallics are not my forte.  I rarely use them, just a touch here and there once every ten years, so I never had to find the answer to how to use them.  I think every machine, every situation, every brand takes a bit of fussing to get things to work properly.

The #80 Jersey needle did a good job with some Superior metallic and even better with a flat very shiny metallic with no label so I have no memory of what it is.  But it looked very nice quilted.  I only quilted a few minutes with each, not a good enough workout to see if the needle would not cause problems.

It did, however, work great with the YLI Sparkle thread, a strand of silk and one of metallic in one thread.  I quilted 30 minutes straight and it had no problems.

With all these samples I did use #100 silk in the bobbin.  It was in the machine...:-)

Meanwhile, thanks for the ideas, the good wishes, and the thoughts on quilting.  We are taking today to celebrate Oliver, and relax.  Tomorrow it's back to work.

Keep quilting; your work gets better every day.


California Fiber artist and composer said...

Happy Birthday Oliver.

So far I have never had to use a Jersey needle with Superior or Zundt metallic but I may give it a shot next time I use it. Zundt make 60 wt in gold and silver. I mainly use these threads for machine embroidery. With the YLI sparkle the 80 SUK (Jersey) needle was the only one which worked, and I had gone through every needle I had from small through leather. Sparkle was the best thread for the job as I needed things quilted so finely. And I had to use it in the bobbin as the project is double sided.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver from Sammy, Tyrone, Sassy and Echo! Oliver sounds like he is built just like our Tyrone. Tyrone is also the only feline in our house for which we know his actual birthday :-). We've had 7 total as well and only Tyrone and Kati had known birthdays. If you have time, check out my post from Friday. It's full of feline pictures that you might enjoy :-).

SewCalGal said...

Happy Birthday Oliver. I hope you have a wonderful day. Had so hoped to see you in my Pets on Quilts show...but there is still time, if you can get your mommie to take a picture of you on one of her beautiful quilts!


Diane Gaudynski said...

SewCalGal - Mom will try and see if she can get a photo....

CFAAC - can't believe you had to use Sparkle in the bobbin too, and you did it with success. You deserve a medal :-)

Laura, what is your blog address? Thanks!

Oliver had a rambunctious morning and now is napping off all the excitement. Soon he will be up again and helping me sort and pack and clean. He loves going into the far regions of the closets.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver. My dog, Moya, turned 1 on Sunday also. She is the only dog we have ever had that we know the day of birth. She is a Besenji/Corgi mix and has more energy than 10 puppies put together. She keeps us on our toes.

I enjoy reading your blog.


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Oliver! Our pets enrich our lives so much. And, Oliver obviously loves to help you sew. Toby, our golden retriever, knows I can't quilt unless he is laying on my feet.

Laura said...

Hi Diane, my blog address is Alternatively, you should be able to just click on my name in my comment and it should take you to my blogger profile page, which than has the link to my blog. Either way should work.


scooter said...

Happy Birthday greetings, Oliver, from my two cats - Nemo and Zoe - to you! Diane, this blog just really caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First, I was using YLI 100wt silk in the bobbin yesterday for the first time and absolutely loved how it settled my thread tension problems immediately. I am alternating between YLI 100 and Victory rayon from Australia (a 50, I believe) in the top and having the best luck as long as the YLI is in the bobbin.

YLI Sparkle?? I shall have to check this out! I have a lot of metallics but they are all such diva threads - demanding and fussy. In my experience, they require a lot of baby-sitting and stitching slower than I want to. I've tried every needle EXCEPT a Jersey. So that's added to my list as well.

Diane, I so enjoy your blog! Thanks for the inspiration and the guidance.

Diane Gaudynski said...

Scooter, YLI Sparkle is subtle, with just glints of metallic, perfect for me. In comes in silver and gold versions. The #80 Jersey needle worked well with it, with #100 silk in the bobbin. I also think a fine cotton like Aurifil #50 works well in the bobbin.

Oliver thanks everyone for all the greetings. And Moya has the same birthday!

I have been trying to get a photo of Oliver the Lightning Fast cat for SewCalGal on one of these old quilts I'm sorting through, but the closest so far is his tail from under a quilt. That might have to do.

Laura, loved the photos on your blog! All that sweetness in those little furry bodies. Thanks.

Julie, so then your DH has our wonderful Wisconsin accent....too!

At a family party we were reminiscing the other day about learning to type (not "keyboard") on manual black typewriters, and if you were really, really lucky, got to use the one IBM electric one in the classroom.

Typing on those machines, pounding away like maniacs on the speed tests, probably burned up more calories than a gym workout does now. :-)

I took a summer typing course in 1960 or so, but had already taught myself at home before that from the manual that came with my mother's portable sage green Smith-Corona that I used forever for schoolwork. Remember white-out and carbon paper???

I can still type fast and accurately too. I don't call it keyboarding. That sounds like skateboarding.

Marilyn said...

Hi Diane and Happy Birthday Oliver,
I feel like I know Oliver and I've never even met him. You describe him and his antics so well that I absolutely know him and his kind. He is surely one of the best known cats around even if he doesn't get around. Keep celebrating!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Thanks Marilyn! He is a very complex cat, full of the dickens, love, cuteness, and agility too. The right formula for TROUBLE! He's been helping me quilt this afternoon, a small sample for my next column in American Quilter Magazine.