Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quilt Auction!

We are in a heat wave here in Wisconsin, today going to 97 with high humidity so it will feel like 110.  Ugh.  I know many of you have it worse than this, so I hope everyone can stay cool. 

Oliver doesn't like the closed curtains, extra fans, sleepy days.  He is protesting by sleeping all day.  Soon he will be two years old and is becoming quite a cat now, no longer a kitten playing with abandon.  Now he is more purposeful, thinking out his attacks, waiting to strike.

He and I have not been quilting.  It is too hot.

The photo, above, is a detail from my quilt "Mourning Too Soon," made in honor of my mother, Erma Hinterberg for the "Alzheimer's:  Forgetting Piece by Piece" exhibit, organized and curated by the amazing talents and dedication of Ami Simms.  The exhibit travelled for five years and more than 300,000 people had a chance to see it, were moved by it, and were encouraged by it as well.

It is a strippy style quilt, chocolate and lilac silk dupioni, "almost" wholecloth as it is "all" quilting, with original designs and a cable design in the chocolate strips.  It includes a Mourning Dove, one of my mother's favorites, who cries for the sadness we all feel for losing our loved ones way too soon to this disease.  It is a beautiful quilt.

After the exhibit ended I donated my quilt for auction, along with other quilts in the exhibit.  Please go to:  to see the quilts. 

The auction is August 1-10, and the link is:

I hope they will raise many dollars to go to this cause.  This disease has touched us all, and continues to devastate families.  We need research, a cure, help.  This is a great chance for any of you who have wanted to purchase one of my quilts to get a lovely piece, with my heart in it, to have in your own life and support a great cause at the same time.

Please make a bid on my quilt. I am a huge supporter of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. They are an all-volunteer national charity whose mission is to raise awareness and fund research. They spend no money on fundraising and all their profits fund Alzheimer's research. They have raised more than $550,000 for quilt at a time. Help me help them.

And a very special thanks to SewCalGal for her wonderful write-up of my class!  It was an extraordinary group and experience, and the interaction in the class was terrific.  Everyone benefited and it made my job so much easier.

Hope you all are enjoying summer, the heat, and maybe just a bit of quilting.  And thank you so much in advance for supporting this cause.

Keep quilting!  Your work gets better every day,


M and M plus 3 said...

What a lovely piece and very generous of you to donate. Happy to see you here, I watch with anticipation of your posts. I just rec'd both your books I ordered last week. Now to find time to sit, read, and practice!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Thanks M and M plus 3, I hope you like the books and they help with your quilting. I am just now writing a column for American Quilter on finding time to practice quilting in our busy lives.

Dawn said...

What an exquisite donation - I will bid. I donated a little quilt, not in the same category as yours! I so enjoyed my class with you in Minnesota and was happy to find your blog.
Thank you.

Diane Gaudynski said...

Thank you Dawn! Every bid will help.

Jocelyn said...

Such a beautiful quilt Diane. I hope they can raise a lot of money for the Alzheimer's cause. And I loved reading Darlene's review of the quilting class. I was so very sorry to hear that you have retired. Maybe one day you will do one more class and video it, so we can learn from you via DVD :-)

Diane Gaudynski said...

HCQ, I'm calling it a Sabbatical! I might get so bored without my wonderful classes and students that I will book some more, but right now I am taking some time off. And I always have videos in the back of my mind, percolating away. We'll see.

Lynette said...

It's so beautiful - I really love the purple and brown together.

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful quilt. And so very nice of you for your on-going help & support of the Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative. I, for one, will definitely be bidding on your quilt and hope to be the lucky winner!

And I hope you are enjoying your Sabbatical and that cool breezes flow your way soon.


Diane Gaudynski said...

Thanks LynnCC and SCG, I really appreciate any support for this project and sometimes at these auctions, well, many times probably, you can pick up quilts for a steal.

It has cooled down to 86 and feels wonderful! However, I never realized how long a cat is all stretched out. Oliver appears to be at least 4' long on the cool kitchen floor.

Diane Doran said...

I saw this quilt in person a few years ago. I remember vividly that as I stood before it I felt a strong sense of peace - it is quite a wonderful quilt.

Gini said...

Hello Diane,
Mourning too Soon is exquisite. I would love to have put in a bid, even better to have put in the successful bid, but it's out of my range. I'm thrilled that it will bring in lots of money for research. Someone is going to be very fortunate to have such a piece of art. I hope you are holding up in this scorching Wisconsin summer. All the best,
Gini Ewers

Diane Gaudynski said...

Diane D. and Gini, thanks so much. I am absolutely beyond thrilled that the quilt has a great bid on it from Utahquilter, wonderful. The money, all of it, goes for such a great cause.

Ulla said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Love the quilt! Congratulations! I seldon see something so fantastic! I am speechless!