Saturday, November 19, 2011

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Soon it will be the big day!  Oliver helped prepare veggies for supper last week, getting in the mood for the feast this Thursday.  He is an odd cat.  Of all the cats I've had he is the only Vegan.  He loves his veggies.  He'd kill for carrot tops, Brussels sprouts, corn on the cob.  He chomps down raw green beans with gusto. 

If I have water-packed tuna and drain off a bit of the juice for him, he backs away as if affronted and horrified.  Tuna!  Our former cats would be aghast at his passing this up.

However, one of his funniest activities is wrestling a banana off the counter and throwing it to the floor, where he will continue to play with it and kill it for a long time.  We've learned the sacrifice of one banana is worth the joy he has, and the smiles we have.  Sometimes we hear the thuds from the other room, and knowingly say "dead banana."

Recently he has decided to try the bottom-of-the-bowl milk from cereal.  Just a lick of it left in the bottom, and he is on my lap ready to try it.  I think it took well over a year for him to believe the world has more excitement than veggies. 

But, no meat so far, no cheese or butter or peanut butter.  No fast food chicken nuggets or burger bites.  He is interested in any food that comes into the house, but maintains his dignity at his bowl of official chow, and stays a trim weight and is healthy as can be. 

Last Thanksgiving he ignored the meal.  I wonder if this year the tempting odors will lure him into trying....just a bite?? 

Hope your holiday will be wonderful with delicious food and many blessings.


Elaine said...

You win the prize for Most Amazingly Odd-ball Cat!

I've never had a Vegetarian Cat in all my 64 years, but I think this cat is wonderful! (I am Full of Wonder, for sure.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,
One of my cats is wild for cilantro and parsley and don't open a can of tomatoes or tomato paste and walk away! I always buy extra in case I get distracted. Me, distracted, never! 5 cats and a golden retriever and they are all a mess and that's the count without the only child when she's home. I complain that they aren't pets and it's a zoo but they are all spoiled rotten and my husband who grew up on a farm (and is immune to pet germs) has to remind me (only when we have a guest) there are people who think it's disgusting to allow a cat on the kitchen counter. (Really?) Your post made me laugh and smile as did your class in Galena this summer and has made me a better free motion beginner quilter AND pet lover! And in case my daughter reads this she's number one.. after the dog of course.. just kidding!

corina said...

Your cat is hilarious! I don't think I have ever heard of a vegan cat. My only experience with weird cats was a calico we had when I was little that loved puddles. Or rather, she would sit by the side of the road by a big puddle and wait for the cars to splash her (I'd be horrified to have a pet run loose now -yet it was so common growing up). Am looking forward to the Free Motion Quilting Challenge 2012. Was happy to see you are one of the experts! said...

I loved the dead banana story! What a "rich" life he has brought to you!

Diane Gaudynski said...

I am glad you are enjoying Oliver's oddity, a cat who is not a carnivore :-)! He was invited by me to help unpack groceries on the kitchen island, and to help with meal prep each evening. Otherwise, he is a very well mannered boy. I do wash the counter top and he maintains his distance from our food, but not the raw veggies!

Corina, the puddle story is great, usually they cringe at even one drop of water, wow. Hope the free motion challenge will get everyone quilting just a bit better with more relaxation and enjoyment.

Ruth, I can't imagine your household, what fun!

Oliver has taken over here, in a very sweet, gentle way. Right now he is entranced with chickadees in the bushes outside his window perches, and I drew one to add as a design in the small quilt I'm doing. He likes it.

Thanks Elaine and Terry, glad you enjoyed the story.

Louise Orwell said...

Hi Diane - I just wanted to let you know that I discovered your books recently - and instantly bought them both - I think they are great. Do you ever come to the UK to teach?
Have a great Thanksgiving
Best Wishes

Diane Gaudynski said...

Louise, glad you like the books! And sadly I do not travel much now and won't be coming to the UK, although if there were one country I'd choose to visit, it would be the UK.

Kay Lynne said...

Thanks for sharing your story of your kitty. We had a dog that loved his vegetables--very odd for a dog :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Quilter422 said...

he's lovely. try cantaloupe - even non-vegan cats tend to love it!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Quilter422, thanks for the tip! We did have locally grown cantaloupe late this summer and he liked that too. He didn't eat any, but was drawn to it immediately.

He tends to like the green stuff, plus the corn silk which reminded him of mom's silk thread trims in the wastebasket, which I have to keep covered. He wanted to eat the silk from the corn, had to dispose of that and get it out of the house. He is so persistent!

Sue said...

Love the Oliver stories and pictures. Our dog loves apples, as well as pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Per our vet, veggies are good for animals so continue to eat your veggies Oliver.

Laura said...

Sassy loves veggies too and will steal lettuce out of your salad if you don't watch her. But she is also equally happy if you give her meat lol. Oliver is such a cutie and I loved the story of him and his bananas lol.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your DH and Oliver from Laura, Tyrone, Echo and Sassy.

Debi Kibbee said...

OMG, I thought my Lucy-fur was the only cat on earth that didn't like normal cat stuff and loves veggies

Diane Gaudynski said...

Debi, I'm starting to think many cats might like veggies! Wise cats, I think.