Friday, January 20, 2012

Oliver and His Sheep

It is below zero, 6" snow predicted, and Oliver has a new companion, an incredibly soft, winsome stuffed sheep we saw at Kohl's and couldn't resist for him.  Things are a bit bleak here right now, nothing to see out the windows, just Mom quilting and Dad on the laptop.  Entertainment is a must for a 2-year-old spunky cat.

It took awhile after these photos were taken, but soon he had learned to carry it around, kill it, attack it, play with it, lots of leaping in the air.  I'll try and get an action shot but it won't be easy.  He also likes to sit near the sheep with his paw on the sheep's paw. 

The frozen sewing machine is working perfectly, and back in its old spot across from my quilting machine, the Bernina 730.  However, that took a lot of sniffing and investigating by Oliver and now he sits there and naps and enjoys the oil aromas while I quilt. 

Sometimes I come in the room from a break and see a round bowling ball shape under the quilt in the machine, and have to oust him from underneath it before I begin. 

He only eats the thread on the machine now occasionally.  I have to watch him carefully or he gets into major trouble very fast.

I still can't post on the "comments" section here, hoping that problem will clear, but I do read and appreciate everything you post.

Stay warm, stay safe, spring will come.  Meanwhile, keep quilting!  Your work does get better,


SUSAN said...

That is so sweet! He and his Lambie-pie! WHAT JOY THEY BRING US. My poor rescue kitty had to have 8 upper teeth extracted yesterday and we had a bad night. He hid in a closet, but finally at bedtime came up on the bed with me and spent most of the night. I didn't process that there would be drainage. Oh well! He tries valiantly to purr when I pet him . Poor baby! Trying to bathe himself today which is a good sign.

Cheryl K. said...

I researched problems with comments for some users and found one easy solution - change from this embedded form to the popup window. It's under Settings - Comments - the third item down is "Comment Form Placement" - Change that from "embedded below post" - to Pop-up window and that's all there is to it. The explanation has to do with cache and cookie settings in your browser. At least for the users I had who couldn't use comments, it fixed it right up. I like the embedded comments better, but it was the easiest thing I could do.

Diane Gaudynski said...

Susan, best of luck today for your kitty, ouch, he must really be hurting, and still he tries to groom and purr. He is a sweetheart.

And thank you Cheryl for the comment solution!

Robin in WNC said...

Thanks for the weather update and the Oliver post, his lamb is so sweet. He is a lot of company for you, lucky boy!!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Thanks Robin, I guess this is really a lamb, it's small and the fur is like a baby's blanket, very soft. Oliver can't resist it.

Oliver is watching the snow coming down like he forgot what snow is.

Jocelyn said...

I love this little lamb. What a sweet new friend for Oliver. But the little lamb needs a name too ;-) Bundle up and stay warm.


antique quilter said...

omgosh how cute is that picture.
Looks like Oliver is grooming his new friend!
stay warm
its finally snowing here, yeah! its so pretty and we all have to stay home!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Right after the photo was taken, he bit the top of lambie's head and carried it off to the kitchen where he proceeded to wrestle it into submission.

Helen said...

I love Oliver's little lamb, my little kitten, Bailey, has a very favourite toy, it's a little fabric fish abour 3"long and stuffed with catnip he goes crazy with it, the only trouble is it always ends under the fridge or lounge or some other hard to get at place.