Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AAQI Auction Continues

Mom, is this a new pillow???
Oliver is back ruling the house, now from his new pillow that quite possibly could become a horizontal scratching post as it is needlepoint and the texture is exciting all his scratching sensibilities.   He has his tail up, he is running and squeaking and doing all his cute routines. 
The purple pillow was purchased by moi because I did like it, but it shows my Celtic Bubbles designs done in concentric circles with a small satin stitch.  However, the building of the design, the overlapping circles, is exactly how I teach mine.  Very pretty!
I am doing much better, have had lots of time off resting and getting better, and tried a very tiny bit of quilting the other day and it went well, although my machine needs oiling for sure and was a bit noisy starting up after several months idle. 
I have an Ask/Answer column at the very last page of each issue of American Quilter Magazine, and just wrote a column for the March '13 issue about "Where is the Puff?"  so had to try and quilt some samples where the puff disappeared. 
This was not easy.  I have worked so hard to get the right combo of quilting ingredients to create puff that I had to scrounge around my recently purged sewing room and find a scrap of a flat batt to use, and really it was not nearly flat enough.  However, that and a few other tricks made the puff go down substantially, and it was fun to get it back again with all the right techniques on a flat batt.  When I quilted on Pellon Legacy Wool, wow, the puff was back again :-)! 
I did get a flatter look even on wool batt by doing some things wrong on purpose, so I hope this column will help all of you who are looking for more filled very small designs.  Not easy to accomplish.
It is dreary here in Wisconsin.  I believe November is the month with the most cloudy days, and it is also cold and wet.  Oliver looks for anything at all moving in the quiet yard outside the windows, and even a small bug will interest him for awhile.  Then there is always a nap to fill the day.
Thanks for the incredible support for my little quilt on the AAQI auction page, it truly is overwhelming to see bids come in to support this great cause.  To see all the quilts, go here.  There are a few days left to call one of these special quilts made by very special quilters your very own.  Good luck everyone, and thank you.


Missy Shay said...

My cats like to watch the lizards on the windows at night. I like your new pillows!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Missy, Oliver would be ecstatic over a LIZARD! Lucky kitties you have. Even a blowing dry leaf skittering across the front step is pretty darn exciting here....!

Julee said...

Glad you and Oliver both are mending so well. I was one of the people that signed up for your class in DM AQS, just wanted to say that I did enjoy and learned a lot with Joanne's class but did miss having you there. Love your little wall quilt. I just finished hand quilting with Legacy wool batting, and love the feel & look of it.

Jane Zillmer said...

Hi Diane,

I'm very glad to hear that you and Oliver are doing so well. I look forward to your columns in AQS magazine. ALSO: I've finished my shore birds quilt and thanks to your excellent blocking advice, it now hangs straight and square! I am so relieved and so thankful to you. Jane

NMSue said...

Am glad you and Oliver are on the mend. One of my goals in life is to take a course from you. I saw that your first book will soon be out of print. So, I rushed to Amazon to get one of the last copies they had. Your advice is so great. Have read Book 2 from cover to cover. Keep getting better.