Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Off the Grid

Oliver and I have been "off the grid," as they say in one of my favorite tv shows, "MI-5."  I keep thinking I blogged about one thing or another, or checked in and commented on your feedback, but I guess I have not been in the blog state of mind lately, so I apologize but retirement is sort of becoming my way of life.  Those of you who have retired know what I mean!
Spring has arrived finally, although the past holiday weekend was cool, and today very rainy.  We are living in a green-out of lush foliage and blooming trees, so pretty.  I've had some down time from chronic illness, and haven't been quilting, but every now and then an idea pops into my head.  I hope to share some of them with you here soon.
I did go to the AQS quilt show in Paducah, had a good time, talked to many quilters and old friends.   It's wonderful to see so many familiar names with quilts in the show, many with awards.  I am always so proud of the work you all are doing.
The Celtic Bubbles tutorial was fun and now having many of you send me photos of what you've done is terrific!  I just knew this design could be adapted to whatever style you like or need for a particular quilt, and I was correct.  It's also something that most can learn to do, and see dramatic results right away. 
If you have any questions about it, please comment on this post and I'll try and answer them.  I know many of you are adapting the spirals so you can make more than one at a time, but for me the "one and done" works so well to keep the formal look, and keep them all consistent. 
Oliver is exhausted today; he was up all night watching out the windows for the reappearance of a visiting raccoon that came to the front step under the porch light.  Oliver made a symphony of cat noises that would wake the dead, fluffed out his fur so he was almost as big as the raccoon, and his tail stayed inflated for at least half an hour. 
It is his job to protect his house, his people, his territory, so he guarded all night and is sleeping today.  I hope the raccoon will not come back.
Watched a delightful movie last night, "Salmon Fishing in Yemen," and now it's time for vacation to be over.
Hope to do a quilting post soon, so don't give up on me.  Meanwhile, keep quilting, your work gets better every day.....!


Bouts Choisis said...

It's always lovely to see you (and Oliver) whenever you can pop in for a chat... There are no quilt police and no blogging "gendarmes" either!

Leeanne said...

Always lovely posts. Oliver is a treasure!
That's great so many like me are loving your celtic bubbles, thanks again!

Louise said...

Hi Diane - it is always so nice to read your blog. I haven't had a chance to try the Celtic Bubbles tutorial yet - but will give it a go really soon and will let you know how I get on.
Take care of yourself.
Best Wishes

Quilting Babcia said...

So good to hear from you, and we will love your quilting posts whenever you have an opportunity to add them. Just knowing you and Oliver are OK is enough! Having put quilting on the back burner until retirement, I can't say I know what you're feeling, since ALL I want to do these days is quilt! Take care and enjoy the lazy days of summer, if it ever arrives. It's rainy here in the NW too.

Diane Gaudynski said...

I shall try to post more often; my sewing machine feels very neglected too. Oliver is just fine, chirping at birds and rabbits outside, sleeping more now that he is almost four. He still gets into trouble, still likes to find threads and eat them. Thanks for checking in occasionally....!

Robbie said...

We will be patient and wait!! Hope you are feeling better and keep enjoying that retirement!! do what you want...when you want!!! That's retirement!

Laura T said...

It's good to enjoy the retirement and I check in periodically to check in on you and Oliver:)

Bianca said...

Retirement is all about not having to do anything you don't want to, isn't it? Just as long everything is oke with you and Oliver, we are patient and see it when you do have the urge to post.
Love the picture of Oliver in the quilt. I'm glad we don't have racoons over here, having four fabulous felines all puffed up because of nightly visitors will be too much!!
Enjoy the spring and nature and give Oliver a big Dutch hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Diane, I so understand the "retirement thing". Sometimes the blogging keeps me accountable/on track and other times.....well....not so much. But that's ok. "Maturing" is realizing that it's ok to leave the "treadmill" behind and say 'no' when things start to pile up or overlap. It's ok to take a book and sit on a porch swing (I'm on my way....(smile). Retirement is the best! Hugs, Doreen

Jacqueline Bahí said...

Me gustará ver un nuevo post con sugerencias, consejos, tutoriales... Eres una de mis quilters favoritas. Gracias.

Seams French said...

Lucky Oliver! He gets to sleep under a Diane Gaudynski quilt.

Sue said...

Diane, I love all your posts! Whether it's about quilting, Oliver or what's going on in your lovely part of the world, it's always a joy to come here and read your posts! I hope you are soon on the mend and back to your machine. Then again, that's what makes retirement so wonderful - no clock to punch! lol