Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween

It's that time of year again when pumpkins glow, leaves are flying in the air and rustling in the wind as winter approaches. 
Quite a few years ago while quilting on this lovely hand dyed sateen, above, I came back to my machine and discovered many small Dracula type bats looking at me.  I had not noticed them when I washed/pressed the fabric, or cut it and layered it, or even when quilting the feathers, but all of a sudden..........there they were! 
I had to make a decision whether to quilt background over them, or give them their space.  Not wanting to tempt fate, I decided to outline quilt them and let them have their fun emerging from the bottom feathers with glee and ghoulishness, ha.  I named the small quilt "Batzbelow" in their honor and so far all is well.  They stay in the quilt, stored in the back room.
Last week we got a new furnace and AC unit as our old ones were starting to fail with metal fatigue and old age, much like me I think.  Oliver had a hard day, lots of banging and clanging, new duct work, two efficient competent guys going up and down noisy stairs and in and out of the house all day. 
He worried for about a week now that they were either a) still in the basement waiting to spring a surprise on him, or b) across the street working on the new roof over there.  Everything is now quiet, toasty warm, fabulous.  Even my fingers are warm!  Oliver's toe pads and nose are PINK.  High efficiency heat is VERY nice! 
Can't wait to try the new AC that is 5' tall (really) and the highest efficiency rating and cooling capacity sized for our house that we could get.  I hope next summer I will be cool and dry and calm and fabulous instead of hot and sweaty and grouchy and no energy.  That is yet to be seen of course.
Hope you are enjoying the turn of seasons.  Below, a photo of "Joy Remembered," a quilt I made last year for the AAQI Celebrity Auction.  This year's quilt, "Return to Provence," will be available in this same auction in November.  Please visit to see all the quilts made by fantastic people to help raise funds to fight this terrible disease.   I'll post some photos of it this week so you can think about it before the auction ends. 
Detail "Joy Remembered"
Have fun this Halloween, and if you are like me you better not buy Reese's peanut butter cups for the trick or treaters as there will be leftovers and they are not to be resisted.
Keep quilting!  Your work gets better every day,


Anonymous said...

You will love the new furnace/ac!! I replaced mine this past winter and love how quiet the new one is! The bat is so cute!

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Beautiful work Diane! Thanks for continuing to inspire!

Unknown said...

Bats! Just like me! Give my deepest commiserations to Oliver. We currently have a large hole in the bathroom floor where the toilet and shower used to be...and in the wash house where the tub was. All a result of gradual unseen water leakage from a broken seal...and our two girls are a little dazed and confused too. Although in saying that they love leaping in and out of the house through the holes in the floor. Hopefully today we will be repaired...

Diane Wild said...

Yes, your work is always inspiring. Off to my sewing room. Thanks.