Monday, June 30, 2014

More Treasures Arrived....

The mail has brought me three new postcards from the Free Motion Challenge participants, and I am showing them here to share the wonderful creativity, colors, variety and style they all have.  The card above is from Martha Briese in Lebanon OH or OR, can't quite read the postmark and both of these states have towns named Lebanon!  It is so lovely with the thread work, shading of the feathers so they really stand out, and the added delicacy of the very tiny pearls in the spine.  A wow, for sure.

This rich green feather came from Brigitte Rosetti in Switzerland, wonderfully traditional, nicely done branching.  I think it looks so similar to feathers I've seen on some very old hand quilted quilts, and nice the way the feathers touch and eliminate the need for background quilting between branches. Pretty!

Another soft purple card with an artistic frayed edging that really sets off the feather and the colors.  This one is from Wendy Welts in the UK.  Here the thread colors really add to the exuberance of the feather design, making it much more contemporary looking.  Nice!

Thanks to all of you, especially for the messages you included on the backs of the cards.  I enjoyed sharing my techniques with you and am so happy you are all feathering away and quilting a design that is as unique and individual as you are.  

Keep quilting, your work gets better everyday.....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Diane. How fun for you to have these treasures show up in your mailbox! The one from Martha is especially exquisite.