Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Season's Greetings

This humble little tree is lighting our home with birds, nests, and crystal, tempting Oliver and bringing Christmas joy and peace.  It has been put away for several years, but Oliver is now mature and only gently touches the crystal ornaments and watches them move and reflect the lights, and he doesn't seem to notice the birds perched here and there or some of the fallen nests from storms brought in to save and treasure.  Perhaps if the birds actually moved he would start stalking them!

We've had snow, mountains of it, and frigid temps, but are happy to be snug and warm inside.  I've been cleaning, decorating, and baking just a few big yummy oatmeal cookies.  I have long since stopped doing anything fancy, and keep it simple and delicious.  

Below is another look at my Delectable Mountains wall quilt, showing some of the quilting and the richness of the colors.  I like the heavy old rose sateen as a background color, but the fabric weight was a bit much for the lightweight piecing fabrics.  The large triangles are a rich mud color hand dyed sateen so there was quite a bit of weight in the piecing junctions. 

I quilted the backgrounds with gold silk thread (not metallic) and that added an overlay of rich color to offset the cool rose in the fabric.....I like it!  I did do a sample with matching rose thread and it sort of died and looked flat and lifeless.  There is nothing, repeat, nothing like quilting a sample with your choices before beginning on the actual quilt.  It has saved me from making major mistakes so many times.

Oliver is helping me with all this exciting activity, and his favorite new thing is my lovely Polar Bear snow globe, a mother and two cubs.  

I've always loved snow globes but never found one that was just right.  This one jumped into my line of sight recently while I was shopping for something entirely different (probably something way too practical to recall), and it enchanted me.  I didn't realize until I had it a few days and tipped it over to read about it that it had a key on the bottom, which I turned and now can hear Silent Night tinkling away as the bears sit in a whirlwind of snow. 

At first Oliver watched the bears, then checked out the snow when I shook it, and finally the music, and now simply sits and watches, enjoying it.  He is a gentleman of a cat.

Thank you all so very much for the incredible comments on my last post; they warm my heart and make me realize anew how special an experience I had as a quilt teacher.  

May your holidays be happy and bright, the New Year everything you wish it to be.  Peace,


QuiltShopGal said...

What a beautiful Christmas tree. I do remember you sharing it previously, but didn't click that you had not put it up for the holidays, during Oliver's "bratty" years. So happy to hear he has matured and able to enjoy all the decorations with you now. Too cute to learn he likes the snow globe. Maybe Santa should bring Oliver a gold fish and fish bowl, to watch. I gave such to my cats, many years ago and they did enjoy watching (not stalking, just watching). But then, we'd also give them "playtime" with live Lobsters on New Year's Eve, so I may not be the best cat parent role model.

Thanks for sharing more photos of your stunning quilt. Inspirational.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year, that also provides you plenty of time to enjoy and create.


Diane Gaudynski said...

QuiltShopGal, Yes, the tree has had many variations since I got it about 22 years ago, forlorn and marked down the day after Christmas. It wasn't until a few years back I found it stored away behind, oh, piles of quilts and luggage (!) that I added lights and the crystal ornaments I had collected, small scale, some from husband's Europe travels, and it already had some birds and nests. I love this combination, and sometimes wish it were 7' tall, but we like it anyway, as small is sometimes so much easier, and it's so pretty in its smallness.

I laughed out loud at the thought of live lobsters and cats! I don't think that would ever go very well with Oliver but I can imagine how much fun you must have had watching them.

Thanks for your good wishes, have the BEST New Year after a wonderful Christmas,

Brita said...

So lovely to hear you're having a sweet Christmas and that Oliver has become such a gentleman. Beautiful quilt, thank you for sharing.

Cecilia said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely quilt and tree. I'm glad to hear that Oliver has matured into a gentleman. Merry Christmas! 🎄

Lori said...

what a wonderful idea for a Christmas tree. I love it. yumm I love oatmeal cookies. your quilting is fabulous. yup keeping it simple to me is the best way to really enjoy things. Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love the quilting on your quilt. Our tree looks similar to yours but without the pretty nests. Merry Christmas!

Barb Morgan said...

Merry, Merry Christmas!
Thank you for sharing.