Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Day in Paducah

My class at the National Quilt Museum began today! We have 20 talented machine quilters from all over the country and Canada, learning to hone their skills and take it to the "next level." I think they are well on their way to their goal after only one day in class.

Tomorrow we have lunch at Caryl Bryer Fallert's studio and a studio tour, just a short hop from the museum, plus we'll take a brief tour of some of the quilts in the collection here, and of course quilt, quilt, quilt, and laugh too. What a talented fun group!

I'll be here next week for a second class called "The Adventure Continues" which is more independent study with brainstorming sessions for the whole group, and a few new techniques from me. I have to pace myself to do two intense sessions, back-to-back.

Photos perhaps later as I meant to take pictures today but was too busy with students, machines, and all the rest that a class involves. Stay tuned - I will try and get some visuals here soon. Meanwhile....keep quilting, your work DOES get better every day!

And my little silk quilt arrived safely in New York,


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