Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Yes, that is Oliver on his dad's laptop, trying to update my blog as he knows I have been way too busy!  He wanted to tell you all to take some time to enjoy the weekend, and remember those who have served our country so well, so bravely.  He tried really hard to post this comment but somehow he only changed all of the settings on the computer, much to Dad's dismay.

Was it fate, irony, or Oliver's doing that right after this event the laptop died a fast and furious death, and we had to pick out and set up a new one, shiny blue and oh so wonderful for poor Dad.  He is happy.  He remembers to close the lid now when he is not using it.  Note his coupon magazine nearby.  You will get an idea of life at our house while I am busy upstairs at my machine.

Above, the center portion of the Mega Hoop design in my new OESD collection.  I did a small wall quilt with the new designs, but of course they are quilted free motion from the traced designs.  The center is a Cherrywood bright mustard fabric, really lovely to work on.   I used gold silk thread for the quilting and quilted it as it will look in the digitized version.  I can't wait to get mine and try these out.  We are hoping for a September '10 release.

Above, the sleeping cat design with lovely wings on each side, in a 7" border, so you can get an idea of size. The designs can be resized and the computer will compensate, add or subtract stitches, etc.  They will look great quilted with fine thread as I do, or used as outline embroidery in a heavier colored thread.  For example, the cat on the bib of a child's overalls.  I would have loved it, maybe stitched in soft rose embroidery thread.....

Thanks to everyone who signed up for my 2011 Empty Spools classes - you do know how to put the pressure on a teacher!  There are many fabulous classes available so take a look at all the offerings at

And for this year's June class, please email me if you have questions or concerns.  I am getting things organized for it over this weekend.  I like to sleep at night, so try to have things ready.  I do have my plane ticket and a new suitcase.

I have two new books to review soon, so stay tuned.  I was planning on writing another book on machine quilting but have a hunch there are so many out there now it would be a moot point, so we'll have to see about that.

Also, please email questions for me for my column in American Quilter, the aqs magazine, at  I've been getting some very interesting ones, so it really helps the column if you all participate.  And if you are not a member, you should join aqs, as this is a quality quilting magazine.

Meanwhile plant some flowers, enjoy the weekend.  Do a little quilting just to keep your machine happy.

Keep quilting!  Your work gets better every day,


Stephanie in Michigan said...

Those designs are really fantastic! I would like to try quilting that way sometime. Thanks for sharing!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Stephanie, Thanks! The whole collection is a bit eclectic, some formal, some casual and funky designs. I always love to see what quilters do with them.

The same design done with two different colors, and/or weights of thread looks completely new and different each time.

Of course that holds true for our free motion quilting too.

SewCalGal said...

Great post. Glad to know Oliver is always willing to help. He does work so hard at his job.

Glad to hear about your new OESD designs. Anxious to check them out. Glad they work with the Mega hoop. Have a great quilt idea in mind, designed to really show off ME/Free motion quilting. But a whole cloth quilt would also be fun to make with these designs.


Diane Gaudynski said...

SewCalGal - there are two Mega Hoop designs included, one (the one I quilted) is formal and symmetrical, the other is more my new style, not symmetrical, but more organic, with my Rabbit as the focal point. I like it. LOL!

I think you could use these to make a great wholecloth quilt, even quite a large one, by arranging these designs, doing some large border/breaks, like a big feathered wreath or even just parallel lines to enclose the designs. Simple backgrounds or grids would tie it all together.

By shrinking the designs you could make a small whole cloth easily. If you have my original Quilting Fancy collection, of course they work together. This one will include the urn from the first collection so there is something nice and formal to use as a base or central motif.

I sound like I am promoting - I'm not, I only think there are zillions of possibilities for these in the world of quilting and creativity. I definitely will be playing with them and learn to use my embroidery module!

Karen said...

Diane, your posts are so real and so inspiring at the same time. Your new designs are fabulous - love the sleeping cat.

Anonymous said...

Hello Diane
Please, please do another book, even just designs for those of us overseas quilters who drool over your work but are unable to attend classes with you. Also pictures of recent quilts would be most interesting.
From Bev Dyke, Nelson, New Zealand
[sorry if this has been sent twice]

Anonymous said...

I love that Oliver! Thanks for the info and design peeks, Diane. : )

Diane Gaudynski said...

Thanks Karen, glad you like it.

Anonymous, I am considering a new sort of book with some new free motion motifs, quilting tips, and some printed out designs for tracing and quilting. I'll definitely keep your comment in mind as I mull it over.

Sewpam63 - yes, we love Oliver sooooo much too. I spend a lot of time heading him off at the pass so he doesn't get into trouble in the house. He continues to sit on laptops though. Inside is a budding cat author trying to get out.

susan said...

Dear Diane -
Yes, PLEASE do another book of designs and tips. Your classes fill up VERY fast, and others aren't able to make it to California. I enjoyed my classes with you, and would love to continue. If not another book, what about a teaching video? Oliver could make special appearances!

Take care, and thanks for caring about our quilting! I love your designs!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Susan, thanks, I will indeed consider another book. I think some designs for half of it would be possible too, but who knows??

Oliver is running things here, so until we gain some control again he would be the entire video.....!