Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Designs for Machine Embroidery/Quilting

Yesterday Fed Ex dropped off my new collection of quilting/embroidery designs, "Quilting Whimsy."  It is a beautiful package, and when flipped over the back shows all the designs included. 

I was surprised!  I didn't remember doing some of them, oh my, but there is a nice selection of, yes, whimsical designs.  Birds, rabbits, a sleeping cat, gingko, the mourning dove from my Alzheimer's exhibit quilt, florals, fronds, feathers, even some new styles.  A square with a feather outline to use for featuring other designs or full-out embroidery, and two nice large mega-hoop designs are included. 

With software and your embroidery module you can make some amazing combinations and effects with the individual motifs.  Be creative!

Bernina has this featured on their website and blog, and will have a sample quilt at Houston Market and Festival - go check it out!  It is very heirloom and lovely, and doesn't look 'machine made' or computer-y at all.

Oliver has been helping me with many things lately, and daily he is changing and growing, his personality evolving.  I think he feels secure here now, and has that cat sense that he will be here always.  His early life included many places and experiences so our dull routine seems to suit him just fine.  He sneaked outside when the door was open a second too long and the thrill of it kept him flying around the house for hours.  He was only out there 6 seconds tops, but wow, the excitement.

Below, he is channeling our Arnie, who was our only cat who crossed his paws so elegantly.  He looks perfectly coordinated on the quilt too, imagine that.  Oliver just began doing this, and of course in the same spots where Arnie sat.  Arnie would have loved this little guy.

Hope you enjoy the onset of autumn and all the delights it brings.  Keep quilting, your work does get better every day!


Ivory Spring said...

Congratulations, Diane! Your designs are always lovely!!!

SewCalGal said...

Congratulations on your new Quilting Whimsy ME design set. I'm very excited to see this ME set release and believe it will be very popular. I'm hoping to get a chance to check it out soon.


Janet Stone said...

Of course I read your blog to see your fabulous work, but mostly it's to see Oliver! Did you notice that in that photo it looks as though he has a heart on his side? Soooo sweet!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Thanks so much Ivory Spring and SewCalGal - I hope the designs are pleasing to others as well as myself! You never know.... :-)

Janet, I did not "see" the heart, how wonderful! He has many blobs and blotches like that and we refer to them as Rohrschach blots! But the heart is very special, says it all, he does wear his heart on, back??

antique quilter said...

congrats on Quilting Whimsey looking forward to checking it out!
thanks for letting us know its available.
off to check out the Bernina blog...

Elaine said...

Are any of these designs accessible/available for NON-ME people?