Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Packing for Paducah


Halloween is coming up, pumpkins are appearing on doorsteps here, and the quilting above highlights two bat creatures emerging in some hand dyed fabric a few years ago. 

I quilted for a day at least until I saw them peering up at me, and decided to emphasize their presence with quilting rather than quilting over them.  Below, another creature that appeared in this fabric, wildly flinging his bat cape around and beckoning to me as I was trying to concentrate on my stitching.

I'm busy packing for Paducah, leaving early tomorrow for two classes at the National Quilt Museum, so hope to see many of you soon.  I will be the one with my car filled with quilting stuff.  Oh yes, I guess many of you will be in that same situation! 

Each class takes its own path, never are any the same even when I try to keep on the same agenda.  I hope to have everyone leave class a better quilter and more confident in their own skills.

The second class is for graduates of any of my classes in the past, and they already know my style, have worked on their own and now want to learn more and refine their quilting.  Hope we have some great group sharing from all the talented participants.

Recently I did an interview for http://www.asianartandquilts.com/ so check that out if you want to read my answers to the interview questions.

Meanwhile, see many of you soon in Quilt City USA, and keep quilting, your work gets better every day!



Ming said...

Hi Diane,
That is an interesting interview. I didn't know that you won many prizes recently, well, just a few years ago. Do you still compete?

California Fiber artist and composer said...

Diane's classes at the museum are fantastic. The facility is very light and airy, each person has a large table to work on, and there is a lot of personalized attention. I took Diane's Adventure continues which is a very advanced class. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone with several years of free motion experience.

Diane Gaudynski said...

Ming, I haven't been able to work much lately so haven't entered quilts in shows. As one person recently told me, I'm just glad each day I am vertical!

CA Fiber Artist and Composer - yes it was a great class, so nice to see you again, and the room is indeed pleasant with all the room and light. The museum is a super place to have a class and be inspired in the galleries. I'll have my next advanced class there October '11. See the museum's website at www.quiltmuseum.org