Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving '10

Happy Thanksgiving, may you all have blessings too numerous to list! 

I tried dressing  Oliver as a Pilgrim, or a turkey, or even holding a pumpkin pie, but he was truly not interested.  His big passion now is crouching by the windows and front glass door and squeaking at the Juncos in the bushes outdoors.  We are counting our blessing of Oliver, our new cat, in our life.  He brought back sunshine to us.

I've been piecing a small quilt, discovering the pleasure of working with fabrics, arranging color and designs to form something I like.  It's very relaxing to sew small pieces together, press and starch, play on the design wall.  I hear my music playing softly, the leaves are still blowing past my windows, or the fog is rolling in.  Soon winter will arrive, but this is a great way to begin the season, when lights go on at 4:30 p.m., and wonderful scents come from the kitchen.

Try quilting on pumpkin fabric, it's far less fattening than pie.....although today I am shopping for ingredients for homemade pumpkin pie, my mother's recipe, including the pie crust.  It's my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.

Keep quilting, your work gets better every day!



Jocelyn said...

Thanks for the sweet Thanksgiving blessing. I hope you have a wonderful day.

YankeeQuilter said...

Pumpkin is one of my favorite colors and you are right - I don't use it near enough in my quilting!

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday week...

Diane Gaudynski said...

Thanks HCQ and YQ! May your holiday be wonderful too.

Ivory Spring said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Diane. Love your talbe centerpiece!

regan said...

What a lovely certainly can set a mood! Beautiful!

The table centerpiece is wonderful! I love it!

And the quilting is stunning! Sweet little kitty in the corner, too! You are so inspiring!

Thank you for always having such beautiful words to go with your amazing photos! Your blog is one of my favorites!

Hoping you have a wonderful holiday!


Mercy Arrastia Savage said...

Happy Thanksgiving Diane! I know exactly how Oliver makes you feel. Thaddeus (105 lb. fabric guard puppy) is the light of our lives too.

I am grateful for your inspiring blog and the beautiful quilts you make for all to see.

Best stitches,
Mercy in Miami

Diane Gaudynski said...

Thanks everyone, you inspire me too. I am very grateful for quilters who have so enriched my life. You are all amazing people!!

Sue said...

Have a great Thanksgiving and thank you for a wonderful blog. However, I would have loved to have seen Oliver in a Pilgrim hat.