Saturday, March 24, 2012

Art Quilt Exhibit

Yesterday we braved monsoon rains and drove an hour south to the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha, WI to view the Quilts in Color Exhibit on display through tomorrow.  We arrived 15 minutes before it opened, so sneaked in a major lunch to wile away some time.  When we returned the rain was not as heavy and we ran to the front door, and walked in to a world of glorious color and design. 

The exhibit showcases the works of major art quilters: Ann Fahl, Melodie Johnson, Marcia Stein, Barbara J. Schneider, Gloria Hansen, and Rhonda Rodero. 

It was wonderful to get a dose of quilting, to be able to see these quilts displayed so beautifully in a splendid old mansion, each one spot-lit perfectly.  The threads twinkled and glowed, the colors were rich and vibrant.  I think some of these quilts left an impression on my retinas that lasted for hours!  Perfect viewing on a rainy spring day.

Loved the variety too, soft colors in the abstract quilts that reminded me of the shimmering rain on pavement right outside the French doors, looking out to Lake Michigan, a stone's throw away.  Intense color in Melodie Johnson's work,  the illusions and depth created by Gloria Hansen, and oh the whimsy of Marcia Stein. 

Ann Fahl's quilts were all on the main level, and hung perfectly so there were sight lines where a quilt could be seen from many feet away, perfectly framed.  Then you strolled up as close as you could get to see the individual thread colors and stitches.  Her cat quilts were fantastic seen all together.  I had the chance to look at them and spend some time not only enjoying the overall look, but seeing up close how things were done.  Although much of it did appear to be a mystery to me!

We spoke with a young mom and two girls who had just finished viewing the quilts, and their faces said it all.  It was so rewarding to me as a quilter to see how they were affected by these works.   Ann's cat quilts were their favorites, and each named one that was her own special "best." 

We talked cats, and quilts, and they wanted to know the name of the black and white cat in the quilts, so I told them it was "Oreo."  Ironically, my first cat as a grown-up was a tuxedo cat, a boy, and his name was Oreo too. 

There were many other visitors while we were there, and they were thoroughly enjoying all the quilts as were we.  It was a pleasure for me to see how they were interacting and so excited and happy with this exhibit.  Each room was a new discovery, and all of it was so satisfying. 

I hope if you live within a day trip of this exhibit you will try and go before it is over on March 25.  Let yard work wait, go grocery shopping next week.  This is worth changing your schedule.  I think I enjoyed this much more than seeing many of these same quilts in quilt shows.  It was fabulous.

Today I have to face making piping and binding, but will grit my teeth and just do it.  Then one more project with a deadline will be done.

Hope you are quilting a little bit in this warm early spring,


Barb said...

Your quilt is fantastic!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Barb, thanks, but it is Ann Fahl's quilt, in her portion of this exhibit. Every quilt there was fantastic.

Gini said...

Diane, I'm sorry I missed you! I took a day off work so I could get to see the show, and I'm so glad I did. Fortunately it was not raining buckets all the way from Madison and back. It was indeed a lovely show.
By the way, my feathers are much improved since I spent time in February following along with your tutorial. As always, you have such a gift as a teacher. Thanks!

Diane Gaudynski said...

Gini, I would have loved to see you too, darn. I think the worst of the storms were near the lake. So glad your feathers are coming along well too.

Jayardi said...

• • • Awe PHOOOEY! I wanted to see this exhibit, but it's been so dang busy and I have to work tomorrow. Guess I better get up to the Museum in Cedarburg before it's too late.

Marge Martin said...

I missed you by a day. I was there for a 2nd time on Thurs. It was a beautiful sunny day and the lawn around the center was filled with blue bulbs. I also went to the Kenosha Public museum as they had a quilt show put on by Southport quilters. Enjoyed both shows. Every March both of these venues have a quilt show. Well worth the trip and it is only 15 min from my home.