Monday, March 5, 2012

NQM Quilt Ruler!

Oliver has checked out my new ruler that arrived from the National Quilt Museum gift shop and discovered that Mom has a quilt included on its vertical display of quilts from their collection.  How cool is that???

It's $8.95 and features some really beautiful favorites.  I will keep mine handy for the necessary measuring of things I do all the time. 

My "Shadows of Umbria" is on the ruler and I think you'll recognize so many others that you all have loved at the museum.  The detail is excellent on the photos; you'll love seeing the fabrics and quilting. 

Please excuse the cat hair, a carryover from previous cats that became part of the fabric of the quilt.  Oliver enjoyed investigating the "new" smell of the ruler, plus the "old" scents of all the prior cats who slept on this lap quilt, but was not unduly alarmed at all.  Just curious.

I guess it is due for a good wash soon!  It is quilted with smoke invisble monofilament thread, which has held up well over the years, and mostly because it was good quality fresh thread, quilted with the correct set-up and needle, but most importantly quilted with the correct tension.  I used cotton #60 Mettler in the bobbin.  It has lasted nicely, has cotton batt, no trapunto.  I love its vintage look.

SewCalGal has given me some sneak peeks at comments and photos on the Free Motion Quilting Challenge Facebook page, and I am really pleased and proud of all of you for doing so incredibly well!  The best thing is to see finished feathers in actual quilts, table runners, wall hangings.  Go for it!  The more you quilt them, the better you'll become and you will WANT to quilt your own tops, yes, on your very own home sewing machine.  Yay!!

Oliver finally fell asleep by the ruler, adding yet another layer to the interesting fur deposits on the quilt. 

Keep quilting!  Your work gets better every day,


antique quilter said...

of course I am going to need this ruler!
I love this quilt , the colors and the quilted feathers in the border just beautiful
of course OLiver adds to the appeal of the quilt now!
how cute is that picture!
thanks for sharing

YankeeQuilter said...

Added it to the list of things to pick up in Paducah this year...

Anonymous said...

All my quilts are cat napped tested...some several times during the process. You know you've got a keeper, when the cat loves it. JanO

Diane Gaudynski said...

Ah, I have tried "decoy" quilts but they always like the newest one or the one you put out for a photo. Or the one in the machine....:-)

Or the one made of dark Cherrywood sueded fabrics, eek.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement and comments on our efforts with feathers! You are an excellent instructor.

My quilts get broken in from the time that I start pulling fabrics and cutting pieces. My "tester" thinks that my cutting table is her spot and will frequently require a cuddle before she gets off the fabrics laid out for cutting. No matter where I put it, she will seek the WIP out and test it.

Maggi said...

They always know the best place to be.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth?! I've placed my fmq practice pieces in all the usual cat-napping spots, but she still manages to sneak onto the one I'm working on in the evening (hand quilting that one in a hoop while we watch tv or chat! Good to see Oliver again!

Helen said...

My Bailey has been lying in front of the monitor extremely intrigued with Oliver. He would just love to play with him :)

Doreen said...

Love that 'smoke' monofilament thread. Use it a lot and keep it in a zip-lock plastic bag in a plastic tote with the rest of my thread. Light and air seem to make it slightly brittle. Hope to get to Paducah this year. Will keep a watch out for the ruler. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Doreen

SewCalGal said...

Very special to have one of your quilts on their ruler. I bet that ruler is going to sell out quickly.


Jacquelin said...

Hola Diane, felicidades por tus trabajos y por el tutorial que ofreciste en FMQ Challenge. Yo nunca había hecho una pluma y si quieres ver lo que he conseguido solo tienes que mirar
Creo que puedes sentirte orgullosa del trabajo bien hecho y como decimos por aquí "el trabajo bien hecho no tiene fronteras". Gracias de nuevo.